craig polanowski

wedding photographer






* Wedding coverage begins with dressing/preparations and concludes at the end of the reception. There is no hourly charge.


* We take table shots at the reception. This gives you a photo of everyone who was in attendance.


When you contract with a professional photographer, you are hiring their time, equipment, personnel, and experience. After the event, a great deal of time is spent editing the images with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. I adjust each photo, so kindly allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of the final images.



* If the ceremony is held locally, I will attend the rehearsal and take candids. That is a great ice-breaker for the family and bridal party. When I show up on the day of the wedding, it isn't a stranger knocking at the door.


* You receive all camera raw (original) files, a complete set of .jpg images on a usb disk ready for printing, a set of email quality .jpg images, a web site ready to post at your Internet space, and I host your site at my web space for a month.


Full Wedding Coverage


I will be happy to work with you to provide the coverage and images you desire.


* An engagement photo session is included in the package. We have an opportunity to get to know each other better in a casual setting. This session takes about two hours and we schedule it well in advance of your wedding. It is also a good time to review photo plans.


* I work with at least one assistant, usually two and they are also photographers. Know that you are hiring a group of talented people who take your wedding very seriously and will work hard during the entire event.


* We control lighting with reflectors and multiple flash equipment that is triggered by radio signal. Many candid shots are taken by available light. The crew communicates with each other via professional walkie-talkies, and we bring studio lighting to the reception. These are a few features that help us stand apart from the competition.




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